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Elevate Ergonomics
Based on 23 reviews
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Kathryn Sadler
Kathryn Sadler
04:24 19 Apr 22
I LOVE my Jive XOOM Standing Desk! I've waited a few months before leaving a review as I wanted to be sure I didn't encounter any teething issues, but it's been great. Height adjustment is quiet, smooth and quick, and it's super easy to programme preferred heights.I like to do a lot of research before a relatively big purchase, so I compared to the other main brands out there. Ultimately I went for the Jive XOOM as I preferred to buy locally (I'm in SYD) and the 10 year warranty was a big drawcard. I preferred the look of the round legs and liked the idea of the XOOM coating as it seemed harder-wearing than other tabletops. I think the pre-drilled holes on the Jive XOOM also made it much easier to put together. (My husband helped, but I'd have been nervous if he'd had to drill holes in it.)I added the Cable Tray with 8 Power Plugs, which makes for a super tidy setup. (Glad I went for 8 instead of the 4 – you can never have too many!)Also a big shout-out to Paul from Elevate, as I spoke to him a few times with numerous questions and he was always patient and super helpful. Thanks again, Paul!
Kevin Jonathan
Kevin Jonathan
01:57 07 Apr 22
Paul is an absolute gentleman, very down to earth with no sales pressure. He took me through all the options and gave me the time I needed to decide. Communication was always prompt and service was second to none. But all that is meaningless without a good product, which he has! I love my sit-stand up desk!
Caleb C
Caleb C
13:16 07 Mar 22
Outstanding quality. Bought the jive desk with cpu holder and very happy with it. Frame and table top feel really sturdy with a quality polished feel. Very responsive and stable lifting mechanism. Service has also been excellent with material samples sent out promptly to help decide the table too colour. Highly recommended.
Ratnesh Nagori
Ratnesh Nagori
23:01 14 Jun 21
Recently purchased this desk and completely satisfied with the product. Even after putting 34 inch monitor, a laptop, keyboard and mouse, the desk has plenty of space to left. Nice curve at the center is thoughtful as the standard desks which are rectangle in shape aren't comfortable to use. Impressed with the electric knob to adjust the height and it is touch sensitive. The base is firm and doesnt wobble if you are standing and putting the weights of your hand on the desk.Overall a great product with sleek design and sturdy structure.
Evan Robinson
Evan Robinson
10:00 20 Mar 21
After many hours of research on sit/stand desks, I settled on Elevate Ergonomics' Evolution Desk. Stability at height and longevity were my two main concerns for a sit/stand desk. I've read some not-so-great reviews on JieCang components; however, Paul reassured me that they provided updated specifications to the manufacturer and were not using an off-the-shelf version. The Evolution Desk also has a steel support bar between the legs which adds lateral stability (and optionally power points). Paul delivered the desk and set it up himself, taking care not to scratch our brand new timber floors. Highly recommend Paul and Elevate Ergonomics for your (never ending?) work-from-home needs.
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1800x900 Boardroom tables

I purchased two of these tables and found them very easy to construct. They are extremely solid and excellent for our Boardroom.

Love this desk

Great little desk perfect for my space and work needs. Solid construction, no wobble and goes up and down like a dream. Great purchase!

Battle station

If you want a great big computer desk than look no further , easy setup , great functionality, great look, and heaps of room for my massive tower and 49in curved monitor 😇
Thank you

Awesome desk

Amazing desk loving the feel of it wouldn’t get another desk other than this next time. Absolutely the best desk

I can see why they get so many great reviews !!

I purchased an Evolution electric sit stand desk on Boxing Day. That same day we got a call from one of the reps who assisted me even though he was on leave due to the public holiday, I chose a custom top which would taken many weeks to deliver, the rep helped change my order to one in stock and organized for the delivery to be expedited which it was.

The desk is exceptionally well made and sturdy and more than able to hold my weighty setup I need for work. It stated it was a 2 man job to assemble the desk and although I managed to do it on my own, get 2 people as it took a long time to complete. The desk itself is awesome and I can’t over emphasize how good it actually is.

From the moment I put the order in I have not been disappointed with either the customer service provided or anything regarding the desk itself, it’s exceptionally well made and designed. Everything lined up perfectly and fit as it should, best desk ever!!

Ergonomic trestle table

Arrived on time, easily installed and fitted perfectly into allocated space !

Amazing Quality Excellent Service

We are thrilled with our new Jive Mini standing desks. Our office space was quite small sp we needed something small for our team. These were the smallest we could find in the 1050 size. Compared to the Ikea or Offficeworks offerings we looked at these are definately much more sturdier and the motors are nice and fast. Delivery was quick and efficient and we received them within 4 days. Very pleased 🙂

Beautiful Desk 🙂

I've been on the search for a high quality height adjustable desk and the Jive Mini truly exceeded my expectations. Super quiet motors, quick height adjustment and the custom tabletop I ordered was nothing less than superb. Will be buying another for my hubby 🙂

I love my Jive Mini!

Seriously one of the best purchases I have made. All these years I have been sitting in desks that were not suited to my body. I have been a long time sufferer of carpal tunnel and back pain. My physio suggested Elevate and they are superb to deal with from start to finish. Also I live in a small apartment and this was the smallest sit stand desk I could find without taking too much room. James came and installed the desk and made sure the desk was correctly set at the perfect sitting and standing height. Excellent service thanks again 🙂

Desk with space

Solid build and plenty of room for a wide set-up.
Holds my tower with 3 34" ultra wide monitors with room to spare

Gamers Dream

Easy to put together, very solid and not flimsy at all 👌

Extremely Happy

I hesitated to make the order as I was afraid this gonna be another wobbly desk. After a week of looking around the market, I contacted Paul for the additional info. Paul was extremely nice and helpful in answering all of my questions, even though some were a bit stupid. Paul guided me through the products promptly and patiently.

After making the purchase, the delivery was incredibly fast. It took ~2 days. The packages were well packed, neat, and clean. There was clear instruction on how to assembly the table (better use a cordless screwdriver with hex&ph bit).

The desk leg and frame were sturdy and heavy. We needed 2 people to flip the table. The movement of the desk was flawless with minimum noise. The round controller made the table look a bit more sleeky. It's was easy to memorize the height. The cable management and above desk power extension were sturdy and tough than the expectation. I needed to spend a lot of effort bending the power cord to sit inside the cable rail.

Lastly, I'd like to kudo to Paul once again for answering all the questions after the setup. There were a few times I was confused with the parts but Paul still remained cool to give me advice.

Highly recommended to anyone who is looking for a nice and sturdy desk.

New Gaming Setup!

Very impressed with its lifting capabilities, it raises and lowers with ease considering how much weight is on top.
The cable management system works very well to keep everything organised and neat.
Overall finish is very nice and is worth every dollar payed!

Thanks again Elevate Ergonomics Team

Awesome desk

The desk is awesome, there is plenty of space and it is also fairly easy to build considering I am the opposite of handy. The build would have been quicker but I put some pieces around the wrong way and had to undo and redo it about halfway through.

The only thing I would say is that the instruction booklet could be a little more in-depth with how to use the up/down part of the desk as I think the booklet I had, had instructions for the button version, not the dial version which lead to a bit of guessing around how to set upper/lower levels etc.

All in all, though, an awesome desk that I am super happy with and sing its praises to all who see it.

The desk I have been searching for

My search is finally over.

Battlestation Gaming Desk
Black colour
Straight desk top (no curvature)

I was in search of a new standing desk to replace my plain old Ikea desk that served me well for 10 years. There were a handful of companies available in Australia and I went through numerous reviews and research videos on standing desks. There weren't many Google nor YouTube reviews on Elevate Ergonomics desks so I was a bit hesitant at first but the more I looked in to it, the more it seemed the desk to be of high quality judging by the specs and the design details down to the minuscule.

Now I did purchase the BattleStation gaming desk and although I am no gamer by any means, my main reasoning was for the sexy circular controller and also the surface material (Xoom) of the desk top and it did not disappoint!

My main concerns were the stability of the desk when put to the standing height and whether the desk top is sturdy enough to not bend with the weight of my arms or my body leaning into it.

No problems there.

Delivery was super fast, it arrived two days upon ordering and assembly was relatively straight forward but you will need a certain amount of strength as the legs are quite heavy. Flipping the table over after completing the installation wasn't as bad as I thought but it would be easier with two people involved.

Also, with the cable management tray along with the integrated power boards I am now able to tuck away all the cables behind the desk to minimize the clutter under the desk (also for safety reasons).

For anyone looking to purchase a standing desk I can highly recommend Elevate Ergonomics and get the bigger size if you have room and Paul is really friendly and responds promptly via email so you will have good experience with any questions.

A couple of things to note, I asked for the non curved desk instead of the curved one like in the brochure and the holes for the controller was drilled for the horizontal controller not the circular one so I had to drill the holes for that, no biggie if you have a drill handy. Also the frosted desk top surface doesn't allow the cable management clips to stick on them too well so might need to look at a different solution to hold down the visible cables on your desk top.

Only regret, not buying it sooner

With the recent push for increased work from home. I finally made the decision to invest in a better set up. Despite a recent outbreak in Sydney, the desk was delivered in a very short timeframe, with updates being provided regularly.

The desk itself is amazing, coupled with a good chair, perfect for extensive use. Being stuck on calls most the day, I find I'm using the standing feature to break up my work habits, and it's reflecting in my overall energy throughout the day.

I opted for the cable management feature, and above desk power. Both have contributed to what is now a very clean set up!

Love it!

Amazing table! Easy to setup and the auto rise feature is killer! Looks awesome in the space, have clients asking where I got it from. Thanks team!

Just love it

Recently purchased this desk and completely satisfied with the purchase. Even after putting 34 inch monitor, a laptop, keyboard and mouse, the desk has plenty of space to left. Nice curve at the center is thoughtful as the standard desks which are rectangle in shape aren't comfortable to use. Impressed with the electric knob to adjust the height and is touch sensitive. The base is firm and doesnt wobble if you are standing and putting the weights of your hand on the desk.

Overall a great product with sleek design and sturdy structure.

I'm in love honestly. This is my first gaming desk and it exceeded my expectations. I love it!! It looks so nice. This is an amazing first desk! Putting it together was easy. The directions were very thorough. Pretty dummy proof!

Amazing sit to stand desk! Took me 45 minutes to assemble but it should of been faster I made some mistakes. Super sturdy and excellent buld quality. Love the L shaped design and ErgoCurve edge. Buy it!

This desk is very sturdy and heavy duty. In fact I did not realize how heavy it was until my husband told me how difficult it was to get up the stairs- just under 40 kg. The assembly instructions and photos were easy to understand. You will need to have a Phillips screwdriver handy. It is a little awkward to reach all the spaces while putting this together, but worth the effort. I bought this desk for my husband and myself to use to work from home and we wanted a nice desk- so I was not interested in all of the gaming features, however they're very well made and heavy duty.

Deluxe Corner Workstation

The item is great, sturdy and sleek looking.
The instructions for the corner workstation were non existant, the instructions were for a standard desk which made it quite confusing when putting it up.
The label stating the desk top was quite small and we missed it when installing so the desk top is upside down, thankfully you are unable to tell.

Otherwise, service, communication and delivery were on point. I would recommend this product.

Best . As I expected.
Looking forward to buy a larger size.
Thanks Elevate team

Product great, pick up not so good

Awesome product and easy to assemble.
Had to drive an extra hour past the advertised pick up location, not great.

Excellent product

Recommend it 👍