Battlestation Gaming Desk

$729.00$1,197.00 inc. GST

$729.00$1,197.00 inc. GST

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Battlestation Gaming Desk

$729.00$1,197.00 inc. GST

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dual-motor weight-capacity fast-speed height-range warranty
Dual Motor Technology 140kg Lifting Capacity Fast Lifting Speed
Height Range
63cm – 128cm
10 Year Warranty

Battlestation Gaming Desk

The BattleStation Desk is built using the highest quality of materials, constructed with a thick and durable powder coated steel frame for enhanced stability, featuring a specially contoured desk top large enough to fit a full tower chassis and styled in satin black for that sleek and menacing aesthetic. Individual motors in each of the desk legs give you ultra fast and whisper quiet height adjustment, going from sit to stand in a matter of seconds.

Note: dual monitors, monitor arm and PC CPU mount are not included. These can be purchased separately.


Contoured Ergo Edge Design

The BattleStation Desk features a special contoured edge and seamless curved design that gives you extra wrist and forearm support for extended battle. With no seams at the edges, it is built to last and won’t peel or fray from heavy use.

OLED Programmable Hand Controller

Our OLED programmable hand controller allows you to manually turn the dial to your selected height or program up to three different height settings. Once programmed the One Touch functions raises or lowers the desk to your desired height with one press of the numbered buttons.

XOOM™ Surface Coating

Throw away your crusty mouse pad. We’ve formulated a special surface coating with millions of microscopic light reflecting points, creating the perfect surface for gaming mice tracking and ultimate precision.

Optional: Cable Management System

A cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind. The BattleStation Cable Management System is a simple yet effective solution that allows you to hold multiple power boards, hide unsightly cables and keeps your BattleStation tidy. Compatible with our XYNERGY modular power system for seamless ‘click-in’ integration with above desk or below desk GPO and USB charging.

Elevate Ergonomics Under Desk Cable Tray

Optional: XYNERGY™ Power System

Neatly and efficiently route cables from your desktop through the removable cable grommets and pass through directly to the cable management system underneath for a sleek and professional setup.


Tabletop Colour: White

White, Black

Frame Colour: White

White, Black

Desk Size: 1200X750

1200X750, 1500×750, 1800×750

Cable Management: None

None, Cable Tray Only, Cable Tray with 4 Power Plugs, Cable Tray with 8 Power Plugs

Above Desk Power: None

None, 2 Power Plugs + USB A + USB C

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Gamers Dream

Easy to put together, very solid and not flimsy at all 👌

Vee C.
Extremely Happy

I hesitated to make the order as I was afraid this gonna be another wobbly desk. After a week of looking around the market, I contacted Paul for the additional info. Paul was extremely nice and helpful in answering all of my questions, even though some were a bit stupid. Paul guided me through the products promptly and patiently.

After making the purchase, the delivery was incredibly fast. It took ~2 days. The packages were well packed, neat, and clean. There was clear instruction on how to assembly the table (better use a cordless screwdriver with hex&ph bit).

The desk leg and frame were sturdy and heavy. We needed 2 people to flip the table. The movement of the desk was flawless with minimum noise. The round controller made the table look a bit more sleeky. It's was easy to memorize the height. The cable management and above desk power extension were sturdy and tough than the expectation. I needed to spend a lot of effort bending the power cord to sit inside the cable rail.

Lastly, I'd like to kudo to Paul once again for answering all the questions after the setup. There were a few times I was confused with the parts but Paul still remained cool to give me advice.

Highly recommended to anyone who is looking for a nice and sturdy desk.

James K.
The desk I have been searching for

My search is finally over.

Battlestation Gaming Desk
Black colour
Straight desk top (no curvature)

I was in search of a new standing desk to replace my plain old Ikea desk that served me well for 10 years. There were a handful of companies available in Australia and I went through numerous reviews and research videos on standing desks. There weren't many Google nor YouTube reviews on Elevate Ergonomics desks so I was a bit hesitant at first but the more I looked in to it, the more it seemed the desk to be of high quality judging by the specs and the design details down to the minuscule.

Now I did purchase the BattleStation gaming desk and although I am no gamer by any means, my main reasoning was for the sexy circular controller and also the surface material (Xoom) of the desk top and it did not disappoint!

My main concerns were the stability of the desk when put to the standing height and whether the desk top is sturdy enough to not bend with the weight of my arms or my body leaning into it.

No problems there.

Delivery was super fast, it arrived two days upon ordering and assembly was relatively straight forward but you will need a certain amount of strength as the legs are quite heavy. Flipping the table over after completing the installation wasn't as bad as I thought but it would be easier with two people involved.

Also, with the cable management tray along with the integrated power boards I am now able to tuck away all the cables behind the desk to minimize the clutter under the desk (also for safety reasons).

For anyone looking to purchase a standing desk I can highly recommend Elevate Ergonomics and get the bigger size if you have room and Paul is really friendly and responds promptly via email so you will have good experience with any questions.

A couple of things to note, I asked for the non curved desk instead of the curved one like in the brochure and the holes for the controller was drilled for the horizontal controller not the circular one so I had to drill the holes for that, no biggie if you have a drill handy. Also the frosted desk top surface doesn't allow the cable management clips to stick on them too well so might need to look at a different solution to hold down the visible cables on your desk top.

Aaron W.
Only regret, not buying it sooner

With the recent push for increased work from home. I finally made the decision to invest in a better set up. Despite a recent outbreak in Sydney, the desk was delivered in a very short timeframe, with updates being provided regularly.

The desk itself is amazing, coupled with a good chair, perfect for extensive use. Being stuck on calls most the day, I find I'm using the standing feature to break up my work habits, and it's reflecting in my overall energy throughout the day.

I opted for the cable management feature, and above desk power. Both have contributed to what is now a very clean set up!

Jim C.
Love it!

Amazing table! Easy to setup and the auto rise feature is killer! Looks awesome in the space, have clients asking where I got it from. Thanks team!