Standard Whiteboard

$69.00$299.00 inc. GST

Product Features

  • Lacquered steel surface
  • Magnetic surface
  • Anodised aluminium frame
  • Magnets and wall mounting kit included –
    • 4 x Plastic Wall Mates For Plasterboard Fixing
    • 4 x Screws For Plasterboard Fixing
    • 4 x Multi-Coloured Super Strong Magnets.

The Rapidline whiteboard has a lacquered steel whiteboard surface with galvanised steel backing and a low density fibreboard core.

Incorporating concealed fixing points and a pen tray.

Backed by an 8 year warranty.


SKU Width Depth Height
W96 900mm 15mm 600mm
W129 1200mm 15mm 900mm
W1212 1200mm 15mm 1200mm
W159 1500mm 15mm 900mm
W1512 1500mm 15mm 1200mm
W189 1800mm 15mm 900mm
W1812 1800mm 15mm 1200mm
W219 2100mm 15mm 900mm
W2112 2100mm 15mm 1200mm
W2412 2400mm 15mm 1200mm

Box Dimensions

Box Number Width Depth Height CBM Weight
W96 620mm 930mm 30mm 0.02 7.8kg
W129 930mm 1220mm 30mm 0.03 14.8kg
W1212 1290mm 1290mm 30mm 0.05 18.6kg
W159 930mm 1530mm 30mm 0.04 19.2kg
W1512 1290mm 1530mm 30mm 0.06 22kg
W189 930mm 1820mm 30mm 0.05 23.2kg
W1812 1230mm 1820mm 30mm 0.07 30.6kg
W219 930mm 2120mm 30mm 0.06 33kg
W2112 1290mm 2190mm 47mm 0.13 35.2kg
W2412 1290mm 2490mm 47mm 0.15 41kg
Additional information

Product Dimension

1200mm W x 1200mm H, 1200mm W x 900mm H, 1500mm W x 1200mm H, 1500mm W x 900mm H, 1800mm W x 1200mm H, 1800mm W x 900mm H, 2100mm W x 1200mm H, 2100mm W x 900mm H, 2400mm W x 1200mm H, 900mm W x 600mm H

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a comprehensive 10 year warranty for all our standing desks including electronics.


Installing your new desk is quite easy and should take approximately 50 minutes. We supply all hardware and a comprehensive instruction manual with your order. 

All laminate tabletops are not pre-drilled and require an electric drill to secure the desk frame to the tabletop with the supplied self tapping screws.

XOOM tabletops are pre-drilled. You will only need a Phillips head screw driver to assemble the desk.

We despatch within 24 hours of receiving your order. 

Sydney:                                                      1 business day
Melbourne/Brisbane/Adelaide:         3-4 business days
Perth/Tasmania:                                  5-7 business days

Both standing desks have the same commercial grade quality and specifications. The only difference is the leg column design. The Evolution is a rectangular leg profile while the Jive is a round leg profile.

Yes absolutely. We are open by appointment only so please book a time slot and we will be more than happy to help you.

Yes absolutely. Please send an email through to