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Gaming Desks

Welcome to Elevate Ergonomics’ the leading gaming desk manufacturer in Australia! Here, you’ll find an extensive array of gaming desks designed to keep you active and on top of your game.

Upgrade your gaming Battlestation, whether it’s dual purpose gaming and work setup or dedicated gaming space, with our diverse lineup of gaming desks. These state-of-the-art solutions give you the freedom to effortlessly change your gaming posture, perfect for those marathon gaming sessions. Our electric height-adjustable gaming desks are a prime example, letting you customize your setup with a simple touch of a button, ensuring maximum comfort. Maximum adjustability from 62cm seated position to 128cm standing height perfectly suited to a wide range of gamers.

Our gaming desks are tailor-made for gamers who want to seamlessly transition between sitting and standing positions, an effective way to combat common gaming-related discomforts like back pain and posture issues.

Discover our wide range of gaming desk options, including the ever-popular Battlestation gaming desks. Equipped with dual electric motors and available in a multitude of configurations and sizes, you can make smooth, hassle-free adjustments at the press of a button. Elevate your gaming setup with our exceptional ergonomic solutions!

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  • battlestation-reaper

    Battlestation Reaper Corner Gaming Desk

    $1,199.00$1,597.00 inc. GST
  • Battlestation Gaming Desk

    $729.00$1,197.00 inc. GST