How to build a home office you'll love

Working from home?

​What kind of workspace will keep you feeling healthy, engaged, and inspired?  


We’re here to help you get your home office dialed in just right.

1. Let's start with your desk

If you want to improve your experience of working from home, one of the best things you can do, without exception, is invest in a height adjustable standing desk. Why? Humans were made to move and not to sit all day. No matter the size of your space or budget, we can help you find your perfect desk.

Standing Desk Converter

Our ErgoLift converter lets you turn any surface into a standing desk. Perfect for those who want to join the active office movement but aren’t quite ready to leave behind their fixed-height desk.


Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Used in large scale office fitouts by companies such as Google and BHP, this is a commercial grade standing desk that will be sure to impress. With industry-leading 140kg lifting capacity, LED programmable handset, and a selection of worktop sizes the Evolution standing desk will forever change your relationship to work.

2. Next: Having the right chair

Better health and energy while working doesn’t mean standing all the time—the true key to feeling your best is movement. By listening to your body, and switching positions from standing to sitting, you keep your body aligned and engaged, and your energy flowing. Our Engage mesh chair is an affordable and ergonomically designed chair that will provide comfort and support to your body during extended periods of sitting.


Ergonomic Chair


Engage is our best selling ergonomic mesh chair and is the industry go-to chair surpassing other ergonomic chairs on the market. BIFMA international quality tested and accredited at an affordable price. Available with or without arms.

3. Next: Monitor Arms

Do you suffer from neck pain? If your monitor is sitting too low on your desk it places increased strain on your neck and shoulders. Whether you have a single monitor or two monitors, our ergonomically designed Flo monitor arms will allow you to adjust your monitor to your correct eye level and give you comfort while you work. 

Single Monitor Arm


Double Monitor Arm with Laptop Attachment


4. Finally: Storage

They say that a cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind. Free up your workspace with a storage pedestal that can file your documents and store all your work accessories.

Slimline Steel Pedestal


Inspired by Scandinavian design, the Jensen mobile pedestal is a stylish 3 drawer pedestal with curved front drawers and two tone black and white powder coat finish. Anti tilt, fifth wheel for stability and backed by a 10 year warranty

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