Clic Lock ZOOM

$119.00 inc. GST

clic-lock digital locking solutions are ideal for securing lockers, cabinets and commercial furniture, providing the ultimate combination of security, functionality and style.



Clic Lock ZOOM is the ideal locking solution for lockers featuring seamless switching between private mode (allocated locker) or public mode (free locker). 

FINISH: All Black, or Black Touchpad with Anodised Silver Body

Touch Pad and LED

An intuitive touch pad enables fast access and ease of cleaning. An LED indicator light provides user feedback. 

Pincode options and security

The user can select a pin code consisting of between 4 to 15 digits, enabling billions of combinations. An alarm will sound if a password is entered more than 4 times. A “fake pin” option is available. 

Private or Public Mode

The lock can be easily configured for allocated lockers – operating in private mode, and can be seamlessly switched for non allocated “free lockers” (public mode). 

Long lasting battery

The included lithium battery lasts up to 3000 openings