Clic Lock ZOOM

$119.00 inc. GST

clic-lock digital locking solutions are ideal for securing lockers, cabinets and commercial furniture, providing the ultimate combination of security, functionality and style.



Clic Lock ZOOM is the ideal locking solution for lockers featuring seamless switching between private mode (allocated locker) or public mode (free locker). 

FINISH: All Black, or Black Touchpad with Anodised Silver Body

Touch Pad and LED

An intuitive touch pad enables fast access and ease of cleaning. An LED indicator light provides user feedback. 

Pincode options and security

The user can select a pin code consisting of between 4 to 15 digits, enabling billions of combinations. An alarm will sound if a password is entered more than 4 times. A “fake pin” option is available. 

Private or Public Mode

The lock can be easily configured for allocated lockers – operating in private mode, and can be seamlessly switched for non allocated “free lockers” (public mode). 

Long lasting battery

The included lithium battery lasts up to 3000 openings 

Frequently Asked Questions

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You will need approximately 30-60 minutes to assemble each desk. We supply all hardware and assembly instructions. Please note that all laminate tabletops are not pre-drilled and you will require a power drill to secure the wood screws. All XOOM tabletops (Straight Edge an Ergo Curve) are pre-drilled without the need for power tools.

Custom orders will vary in price and manufacturing lead times. Please email for a quote and more information.

Yes. If you prefer to use your own tabletop then please purchase our standing desk frames

Our laminate tabletops are not pre-drilled and will require power tools for assembly. Our XOOM tabletops are pre-drilled so a screw driver is all that you need for assembly.

Each leg column has it’s own internal motor. This means that all two leg standing desks have two motors. All three leg standing desks have three motors and back to back workstation have four motors.

While both our Jive and Evolution desks have the same functionality and weight capacity, the main difference is the Jive desk has a round style leg column and the Evolution has a rectangular style leg column.

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