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Australian manufacturer and supplier of standing desks, sit stand desks and workstations for office fit out projects. 


sit stand stool


  • Height adjustment range, from 58cm to 76cm

  • Controlled smooth movement

  • Active pressure relief zones in the seat

  • Automatic seat return function

  • Stable base plate with non-slip rim preventing unintentional slipping

  • Practical carrying grip for mobility

Much more than just an up and down stool, ActivStuhl brings you 360 degrees of leaning freedom and is a perfect addition to a sit stand desk.

We know that the healthiest posture is the changing posture. When you have the freedom to move from sitting to standing to a supported, hip-opening lean, the benefits are many: better circulation, healthier posture, greater comfort, and improved energy. 


ActivStuhl's plush seat has just the right amount of friction to hold you tight, and just the right arch to keep your pelvis upright, supporting the natural S-shape curve of your spine. The seat’s patented flexzone technology, a unique anti-pressure-point cushioning, relieves the pressure that comes with traditional flat-front seats, which restrict circulation behind the legs.